Dividend Policy

The Company’s main objective is to maximise the value of the investment made by its shareholders through both increased share prices and dividend payments.

The dividend level shall reflect the present and expected future cash generating potential of AKVA group.

AKVA group will target a net interest-bearing debt/equity ratio of less than 0.5x.

When the target debt vs. equity level is met, at least 60% of the annual free cash flow after operational and financial commitments is intended to be distributed as dividend.

Applicable statutory restrictions shall be observed.
AKVA group ASA aims to pay out dividends twice a year, after the 1st and the 2nd half of the year.

Dividend details:
Year Cash Dividend Payment date
2017 YTD March 0.50 13.03.17
2016 0.75 05.09.16
2015 1.00 20.11.15
2014 1.00 04.12.14
2008 1.00 05.05.08
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