AKVA group is the global leader in delivering technology and services to the aquaculture industry. We strive to provide correct, relevant and timely information to all market participants at the same time. To ensure the information is accessible for both domestic and foreign investors, all company and quarterly report presentations are prepared in English.​



Your partner in aquaculture technology

The shares of AKVA group are traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange from November 2006.

Your partner in aquaculture technology

The shares of AKVA group are traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange from November 2006.


2020-10-21 08:00
Huge Feed Barge with Major Environmental Benefits
Arctic Offshore Farming has invested in a new type of feed barge model in steel that excels in size and robustness. The giant barge also has a very environmentally friendly feeding system.
2020-10-13 13:03
Johan Fredrik Gjesdal new COO Land Based
Johan Fredrik Gjesdal becomes Chief Operating Officer for AKVA group’s Land Based business unit.
2020-10-13 09:11
TV-aksjonen 2020: A sea of ​​opportunities - fighting plastic in the sea
The NRK Telethon is the largest information campaign and foundraising event in Norway. This year's TV Telethon represents a challenge that is of great importance to us all, and something AKVA group will support. The environmental and sustainability perspective is something we as suppliers to the aquaculture industry work on a daily basis in collaboration with the industry, which also gets an increased focus.
2020-09-30 07:25
Breakthrough in waterborne feeding
SinkabergHansen is investing in a new type of feeding technology that can provide major environmental effects and cost savings in the aquaculture industry. "We have got an efficient feeding machine," says Svein-Gustav Sinkaberg, CEO of SinkabergHansen.

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