Dividend Policy

The Company’s main objective is to maximise the value of the investment made by its shareholders through both increased share prices and dividend payments.

The company is aiming to give the shareholders a competitive return on investment by a combination of cash dividend and share price increase. The company’s dividend policy shall be stable and predictable.

When deciding the dividend the Board will take into consideration expected cash flow, capital expenditure plans, financing requirements/compliance, appropriate financial flexibility, and the level of net interest bearing debt.

The company need to be in compliance with all legal requirements  to pay dividend.

The company will target to pay dividend twice a year, after the 1st and 2nd half of the year.
  Dividend details:
  Year Cash Dividend Payment date
  2020 March 1.00 03.03.20
  2019 September 1.00 02.09.19
  2019 March 0.75 05.03.19
  2018 September 0.75 28.09.18
  2018 March 0.75 19.03.18
  2017 September   0.75 04.09.17
  2017 March 0.50 13.03.17
  2016 0.75 05.09.16
  2015 1.00 20.11.15
  2014 1.00 04.12.14
  2008 1.00 05.05.08