AKVA group is the global leader in delivering technology and services to the aquaculture industry. We strive to provide correct, relevant and timely information to all market participants at the same time. To ensure the information is accessible for both domestic and foreign investors, all company and quarterly report presentations are prepared in English.​



Your partner in aquaculture technology

The shares of AKVA group are traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange from November 2006.

Your partner in aquaculture technology

The shares of AKVA group are traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange from November 2006.


2022-09-28 08:29
AKVA group signs contract with Icelandic Land Farmed Salmon
AKVA group has signed a contract with Icelandic Land Farmed Salmon (I.L.F.S.). A Smolt facility will be built in Vestmannaeyjar – project start-up being October 2022. AKVA group is delivering a facility with all production stages from hatchery to smolt, including the “Zero Water Concept” technology.
2022-09-12 06:31
Kvarøy Smolt with a new assignment for AKVA group Land Based Norway
Kvarøy Smolt has chosen AKVA group Land Based Norway at Sømna, as supplier in connection with the further upgrading of its hatchery facility located in Mo Industripark, Mo i Rana. The delivery includes, among other things, 10 fish tanks, inlet and outlet systems and CO₂ aeration.
2022-09-06 13:10
Grand opening of the Stofnfiskur incubation centre
The official opening of the new incubation centre at "Stofnfiskur" took place on 23 August 2022. Behind the event is Benchmark Genetics - who was delighted to show off the new part of their facility in Vogavik, Iceland. AKVA group has contributed with the planning and delivery of equipment for a new system, including three identical RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems). The expansion will double Stofnfiskur's roe production capacity.
2022-07-29 08:39
AKVA group Egersund Net gets a new service station at Sandstrand
At last, AKVA group Egersund Net can realize their plan for a net-cleaning service station at Sandstrand, Norway.

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